How to Prepare for CUET - Top tips for Strategy and Practice

How to Prepare for CUET - Top tips for Strategy and Practice

CUET (Common University Entrance Test) is one of the most competitive exams for higher secondary candidates. It is crucial to get admission to various UG and PG programs under 53 prestigious central and private universities. It is highly likely that candidates are often clueless about the right strategy and find themselves in a void of the best way to sail through this competition.

The right strategy begins with proper study plan to excel in a tedious exam. Follow these preparation tips wholeheartedly to outshine others in the examination. 


Top Tips to Prepare for the CUCET Exam

1. Understand the Syllabus and Exam Approach

The first thing to prepare for an exam is to know the syllabus and exam pattern. The question paper is to be devised with 60-75 MCQs in each paper. Analyze the new exam pattern, learn the syllabus, and jot down the topics. You should get familiar with the syllabus. Refer to the websites of the universities you wish to apply to for a better understanding of the sections to attempt and bifurcate into your strong and weak areas. It allows you to understand the sections better and make a study plan accordingly.


2. Devise a Plan

Now that a big step is covered, you can center your attention on creating a plan covering the syllabus. It is a national examination conducted for central universities implying that the exams would be conducted after board examinations. Creating a study plan allows the freedom to manage board exams and the CUCET exam together. You must aim for at least 1.5 to 2 hours daily consistently with regular revisions devoting sufficient time to your weak and strong areas. 

3. Give Mocks 

Attempts mocks, sample papers, and quizzes regularly. It helps to find the best approach for the exam. Competitive exams are time-sensitive. Attempting 40-60 questions within 45 to 60 minutes can be challenging. Mocks may assist you in understanding the pressure of the exam day and making necessary changes to the routine. Refer National Testing Agency (NTA) website- to attempt mocks as per the latest pattern. 

4. Do Previous Year Question Papers

Candidates are encouraged to refer to the previous year's question papers to get a hold of the composition of the question paper. NTA has released changes in the CUET exam format. Thus, it may get difficult to find the PYQs for the exam. You must refer to the examination tests of other universities conducted by the NTA to understand the possible important sections and topics in CUET.


5. Practice, Practice, Practice

It is no surprise that consistent efforts are necessary to ace this exam. As the exam is around the corner, practice the listed topics, revise regularly, and attempt mocks and previous year's question papers. Practice makes progress and focuses on making concepts resilient and coherent. Practicing and revising the syllabus allows the candidates to tackle tricky questions cleverly.



CUCET exam decides the course and the college of a candidate. Candidates are often agonized and find themselves in the dark zone and apprehensiveness. Taking care of your mental health, proper diet, fitness, and motivation can help you overcome any hindrances while preparing. Seek the guidance of mentors and experts whenever necessary to overpower any confusion or when you are stuck during the preparation.