Why Previous Year’s Question Papers Are Essential to Government Exams?

Why Previous Year’s Question Papers Are Essential to Government Exams?

Any government examination is incomplete without preparing and analyzing the previous year's question papers. Different government examinations like SSC, State PCS, UPSC, IBPS, and other banking examinations have a distinct exam pattern and a particular syllabus to follow. The websites of the government exams often do not specify the full syllabus making it complicated to recognize the key and in-depth information on the extent of the examinations.

Previous year question papers serve as a resource to understand exam trends, syllabus, important focus areas, and practice.


Why Previous Year’s Question Papers Are Essential to Government Exams?


1. Understand the Exam Pattern

The highly critical aspect of the Previous year's question papers is the ability to evaluate and study the exam pattern of the exam you are appearing for. It provides the first mover advantage and prepares the candidates to get an idea of how the question paper comes on exam day. 


2. Revise and Learn Repeated Questions 

Government exams like SSC tend to repeat some important questions in the examinations. The candidates can get hold of the frequently repeated questions and have a better chance of scoring higher marks. Students can highly benefit from this as it allows them to grasp the repeated concepts, types of questions, and topics in sections like quantitative aptitude, reasoning, and general awareness. Practice the last five to seven years of previous papers for the exams you are preparing for.


3. Grasp on the Difficulty Level of the Examinations 

Practising the previous year's papers allows you to understand the difficulty level of the questions. They are the best source to get a complete idea of the type of questions and their weightage given in the question papers.


For example: In SSC and Banking exams, the same subjects are asked in the question paper. However, the quantitative aptitude questions asked in banking exams are arithmetic maths forward and are highly calculative.


4. Understanding the Difference Between Necessary and Less Important Areas 

There are many subjects and topics to cover for a government examination. Evaluating the Previous year's question papers gives you an edge to understand the less important areas of the exam. It gives some insights into the examiners’ psychology and focuses on important topics primarily. It becomes crucial when there are hundreds of topics to learn and revise and a lack of time to go through it all. 


5. Best Resource for Practising

Previous year's question papers are perfect for practising and revising the learned concepts through practical approaches and completing the exam within the stipulated time. PYQs are the best material to practice exam questions and understand the level of understanding required by the aspirants. 



As an aspirant, the Previous year's question papers can not be underestimated as they are crucial to the preparation. Online websites like ours - Asian Online - provide PYQ-based practice questions and packages to improve exam performance and ace the desired exams. PYQs make preparation easier and more effective for future examinations.