Right Strategy for SSC CGL exam

Right Strategy for SSC CGL exam

Many aspirants struggle to qualify for exams like SSC CGL because they lack the understanding of the competition exams foundation- the right strategy. A correct approach is a key to preparing for any government exam.

Not finding the right strategy can make it overwhelming for the students. Lack of it means no foundation for examination skills. You may have heard success stories of UPSC toppers and SSC toppers who despite maintaining a private job, family difficulties, or personal and financial difficulties, ace the exams with their dedication and smart work. 


One of the SSC CGL Toppers 2017, Garima Tiwari talks about the importance of the right strategy in her interviews. She cleared SSC CGL 2017 in her 2nd attempt. She talks about how analyzing her previous exam attempt and its mistakes combined with the previous year's papers allowed her to find the right strategy. It helped her understand the exam pattern, top question trends, and the difficulty level of the examination and ultimately ace the examination. This is the power of the right strategy.


So, the main question is: What is the right strategy to ace the examination? 

Utilize these six tips to devise the MANTRA to crack government examinations. 

1. Set Goals

You should not just make targets but create 'S.M.A.R.T.' goals. Create a long-term, monthly, weekly, and daily plan based on the goals. Make sure to set achievable goals and not overstress yourself. Prioritize maths, reasoning, and english as they are the most scoring sections, and then devote adequate time for GS sections based on the weightage of each topic. 


2. Revise Daily 

Daily revisions help understand the topics thoroughly. Lack of it may lead to forgetting concepts and topics. Thus, you must revise topics daily and track the doubts that may arise after revision.


3. Reduce Guess Work

SSC CGL is a highly competitive exam with a negative marking of 0.5 marks. With a precise syllabus, high cut-off, and a negative marking, there is no scope for random guesses. The students should only use the presence of mind and make educated guesses if possible, otherwise leave the questions you are not sure about. 

4. Limit Your Resources 

There are endless resources, books, videos, and blogs available on the internet and the market. It is easy to get fear of missing out on the latest books and resources when an exam can decide your future. Make sure to limit your resources to a few trusted books, youtube channels and direct your attention towards conceptual clarity and practice. SSC demands the students to know something about everything and does not require them to be scholars on a topic or a subject. 

5. Solve Previous Year's Question Papers 

Previous year question papers are the foundation of any competitive exams. It is a no-brainer that toppers make sure to go through the previous year's papers to gain clarity on the exam's important topics and awareness of the syllabus and subjects. 


6. Improve Calculation Speed 

The most time-consuming section of the examination is maths which requires quick calculation skills. Devote 15 minutes daily to calculation apps, write down tricky questions by hand, or practice online through websites.



SSC CGL Prelims and Mains exams test speed as much as the knowledge of a candidate. What makes a topper a topper is the will to succeed and the ability to stick to their plan. It is overwhelming with endless resources and courses so choose the study materials, books, and teachers wisely and spend adequate time to find the right strategy. Asian Online is providing previous year papers based practice packages for thorough preparation.